Honor to contract and prestige enterprise
The enterprise with creditable quality products
Top Supplier Honor

  Chaozhou Chemical Industry No.1 Factory, is set up in 1961.The factory is located in Chaozhou, which is famous for its fine quality ceramics and respected as 'China Ceramics Town'. We devote to produce pigment which is used for prettifying ceramics. 'XJ' brand is our registered trademark. The products includes ceramics oxidize glaze, clay-body-use pigment, ceramics-deoxidized-glaze-use pigment, pigment for decorating clay, ceramic-on-glaze-painting pigment and so on.

  'XJ' orients our value in exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality, low price and high customer satisfaction. Our brand endeavors to create a win-win situation for either new or old customers. Due to our fine quality and outstanding service, we win the confidence from our customers. The award, 'the best supplier' fully expresses our commitment. At the same time, the local government highly values our factory. In the recent two consecutive years, we win the awards, "Honor to contract and prestige enterprise" and "The enterprise with creditable quality products" which are only awarded to the top enterprises with excellent performance in the city in each fiscal year.

Chaozhou Chemical Industry No.1 Factory
ADDMiddle of Chunhui Road,Garden Development Area,Chaozhou,Guangdong, 521000, China
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ContactMr. Pan   TEL13809816393
Foshan Office
ADD: Room 505,10 Block, the 5th street, Liuyuan Road, Shiwan, Foshan Guangdong, 528031, China
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